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Hey y'all! Is anyone applying for the GCU fall 2018 nursing program? If so would you mind dropping your scores?

Is this the first application period with the newest pre req requirements? I am curious what the new average GPA (the 40% weighted category) will be since they are only looking at so few classes. It seems like requirements are changing constantly right now.

I am applying for fall! I have a 3.96 total GPA and a 3.9 pre-reqs. I am taking patho, psych, nutrition, and sociology over summer. Lastly my HESI score is a 95%. Hopefully we all get in!

My counselor said this is the first session they are putting the new pre reqs into place so it will be interesting to see how it turns out

My nursing GPA is a 3.8 and overall HESI is a 89. This is my first time applying with all the changes that have occurred, praying that we all get in!

Is anyone else not able to see their application on the portal anymore? or is it just me? Also did you guys get to pick out a preferred location for clinical or are they just placing us wherever is available now? I've lost track with all the changes that are occurring

I wasn't able to pick a location either and I can't see my application :/

Has anyone received any acceptance yet, last fall the acceptance was sent out on June 15?

Just join in, have the same stats as you have, have you heard anything yet. Thanks.

I recieved my acceptance email yesterday at 4:52!

Would you mind sharing your gpa and hesi score. I would like to compare to mine if I have a chance, mine is gpa 3.8 hesi 89. Thanks

I got in with a 3.82 and a 93 on the hesi

I know a lot of people found out yesterday so I'd email your student service counselor

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