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GCU Informatics Preceptorship

by Ana Perez Ana Perez (New) New

Hello all! 
I am half way through my Nursing informatics MSN program at GCU( Grand Canyon University). My friend that is about to start her capstone class is having a hard time finding a preceptorship for informatics. I am getting a bit nervous and thinking of changing my MSN major because GCU is not giving students many options for sites. Did anyone have or is having a hard time locating a preceptor for Informatics ? Any suggestions? 


glowbug, BSN, RN

Has 5 years experience.

Hello, 😁

Were you able to locate a preceptor ? I am interested in this program, how do you like it so far? Have you graduated yet, and if so, obtained employment in your field? Do you think this is an in-demand field?

I am interested in informatics, but I do not want to waste money on going back to school if I cannot find a job.