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Has anyone enrolled in Grand Canyon University RN-BSN cohort program? And if so... how is it going?! I start tomorrow and it's been 10 years since I've gone to school so I'm a tad bit nervous to say the least!

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GCU? Well if anyone pays $28,000+ per year for a RN-BSN program, they should not only be nervous but very afraid. (collegescorecard.ed.gov)

You are already a RN. Your best, most cost bet would be to do an online program.

No matter who is paying for this, it's way to much.

Besides it has a crappy grad rate of 29% and that's over a six year allowable tabulation period.

Go to a school that isn't a for-profit.

When you last went to school, for profits were just OK but never worth the tuition.

Today for-profits are under fire for a variety of reasons almost too innumerable to mention.

Again, you are already a nurse. There are many programs out there that are for-you not for-profit.

So when you attend school tomorrow know that your academic advisor will brow-beat you not to make the worst decision of your life by not attending GCU. Take this as a sign of desperation as they are all about numbers. And that number at $28,000 per year doesn't come close to making sense as it relates to your return on investement.

So understand you can withdraw without consequences but be prepared to run the gauntlet of the marketeers who see you as a tuition gold mine.


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The program is actually $12,000-$13,000. So the price is actually quite reasonable. And cohort is only one night a week and the rest is Online. It has decreased some workload... less responses to discussion questions.

Buyer beware, BSN

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My data was taken from (collegescorcard.ed.gov). This site provides graduation and retention rates as supplied by GCU itself to the Department of Education.

The for-profits fought an extended legal battle with the Department of Education not to have these valuable statistics made available to students. If you look at the dismal graduation and retention rates as well as tuition costs of the for-profits you can see why.

As it stands the DofED wanted to assign "letter grades" to all schools but the for-profits and others protested so loudly through their paid lobbyists and politicians that this watered down version was allowed to stand.

So what can you say. I suppose the best way to resolve our disparity of informational sources would be to ask the school for a line-item breakdown of all costs both present and future for you to obtain this degree. This way, with what they tell you being is in writing, you should have evidence and legal recourse if you find you've been deceived.

That is unless you've signed an "arbitration agreement" as a condition of enrollment. The for profits are found of these things. This agreement will in effect negate your right to your day in court and to be heard by a jury of your peers.

I wish you luck in all things and fervently hope that any school that promotes itself as having "Christian Values" truly walks in the way of the man who stilled the waters.