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  1. Im 15 and tomorrow I have to have an upper GI done tomorrow. I had severe chest pains on Sunday morning and was rushed to the ER and my temp was 95, my bp was 80-60, they pushed 2 bags of iv fluids in me. I havent eaten hardly anything since Sunday and Im always sleeping. They did bloodwork today at the doctors but Im dehydrated so they couldnt find any good veins in my arms so they stuck me in my hand. That was odd. They either think I have stomach ulcers or somethings wrong with my gallbladder. I just dont see how they could think its my gallbladder. I just need advice for tomorrow. Ive heard that you have to drink barium and baking soda crystals? I have a terrible gag reflex. Im so nervous about tomorrow. Im afraid that I will get so scared that I will pass out.
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  3. by   Danianne
    Nah it is not so bad. I have had it done twice. basically they stand you on this little ledge that has a table behind it and then they make you drink the barium (it tastes just like chalk ) then they make you swallow this pebbly stuff that is kinda sour, it makes your tummy feel really full, so don't try to burp (that wrecks the whole test ) then they take xrays as they have you roll over one way then the other. the worst part is the barium.

    I ened up having gallbladder problems too, oh yeah the pebbly things are kinda like alka seltzer.
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  4. by   FutNurseStudent2008
    so do you swallow those crystals or chew them? because wouldnt they be kind of hard to swallow? and I cant stand tastes so this isnt going to be a pretty sight
  5. by   Danianne
    nah they foam when they hit your mouth but only a little bit. let me know how it went good luck
  6. by   EndoNurseSp
    why do the doctors think that you are having peptic ulcer disease? did u have gastroscopy before or been tested positive for breath test? i think you need a series of examinations such as ECG as you are having severe chest pain, also, you need to check your blood glucose level, and maybe endoscopy [if you have not had one yet] cos sometimes people who are having burning sensation at the midline of their chest would say they are experiencing chest pain instead of indigestion, so the doctors need to roll out any cardiac problems first. here in england, if the client is under 45 with no strong history of cancer, we always recommend breath test first, then endoscopy plus/minus biopsy/ies. if the endoscopy is normal, then dr. will order ct abdomen [if they suspect gallstones-as these cause abdo pain] or barium meal and they take it from there.
    i just wondered why your doctors can not find any veins..did they try to ask help from the anaesthetists as these people are 'experts' in cannulation.

    i hope this reply is not too late to give u more idea about the tests u'll be having.
    hope u get better soon!
  7. by   FutNurseStudent2008
    I had my upper GI done.....it was so nasty. I had to drink 2 glasses or barium and something else when I was laying down.....they were chalky, one was sour and the other was chalky and sour. I do not do good with tastes so I thought I was going to get sick at any moment. The GI doctor was not friendly.That table was cool though. Thats neat how to can go from laying down to standing up. I do have stomach ulcers. The doctor said it was from stress and worrying so much. She said that a 15 year old shouldnt worry like I do.
  8. by   Danianne
    Yeah the table is pretty cool huh? that is too bad that you have ulcers but those are fixable. 90% of what you worry about never happens anyway.