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  1. I have been an RN for 12.5 years. Last 11 years working in out-patient dialysis clinic, for a large, non-profit company. My first job as a new grad RN was on a med-surg floor of a large hospital. I hated it, and I was eventually fired after 6 months on the job basically because I didn't have the skills for the med-surg floor and was a poor fit. I then got a job in a nursing home as Charge Nurse. I was able to build up my nursing skills there. After one year of LTC, I was ready to move on. I got the job at the dialysis clinic, and have been there since. I have loved dialysis, and have become very good at it. However, I just turned 50, and have started to feel burned out by dialysis. I have always been curious about working in a GI lab. I am intrigued by the entire process from pt prep, to working in the room with the doctor, to post-procedure. Does anyone know how I can transition from dialysis to GI lab?
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  3. by   brownbook
    I am doubtful to be honest. You can apply and see what happens. I'm not joking, have you had a colonoscopy, (at your age you should have)? Maybe schedule a colonoscopy and get chummy with the gastroenterologist and or his nurses and or the clinic where the colonoscopy is done and let them know you are really interested in working in a GI clinic see what they say.

    They MAY want you to be good with IV's, have ACLS, and know moderate sedation protocol.
  4. by   67karat
    Thanks for replying. I know dialysis and the GI lab are two separate worlds. I was just wanting to know the steps I should take to transition to an area like the GI lab. I possibly have an opportunity for a job as circulating nurse in the OR. Would that possibly be a good transition from dialysis to GI lab?
  5. by   brownbook
    It just happened that the two different surgical centers I worked in also did GI, even with that I never met a circulating OR nurse who transitioned into GI. It was the other way around.

    Unless the facility offering you the circulating job also does GI I don't see it as an easy transition. In my limited humble opinion.