Stressed SN Needs help with GI journal

  1. I am a current ADN Nursing student. I am writing a paper based on nursing journals on GERD. I have found some interesting articles online or in the library pertaining to my subject. I am looking to get 2 great articles from the Gastroenterology Nursing Journal. Does anyone know how to get the articles without having to pay $8.00 for each. I am so interested in GI and still in the process of deciding my area of specialty. These are the articles in which I a m searching for with no luck.

    Gastroenterology Nursing

    September/October 2003
    Volume 26 Number 5
    Pages 195 - 200

    Gastroenterology Nursing
    November/December 2003
    Volume 26 Number 6
    Pages 228 - 236

    I would appreciate any advice or direction that you would be willing share.

    Much appreciated.... Stressed Nursing student....
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  3. by   Booty Nurse
    Are you doing clinicals at a hospital? Many hospital librarians are happy to get articles for staff and/or students. Good luck!
  4. by   sillinursin
    Hi Zebra... Yes, I am doing clinical's at a hospital. I have access to their database and the GI nursing journals are not available there.

    I found a way to get them all for free, but it took me 3 days. LOL....

    For anyone looking for free access.. Here is the link, but you need to have OVID access, which I do from school.

    good luck and thank you!!!