Role of nurse

  1. Can someone please tell me what are the responsibilities and the role of the nurse during a gastro procedure.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Depends on the facility. Usually the RN is responsible for doing the conscious sedation monitoring and administering the drugs that are used IV.

    The person that actually assists the physician can be either an RN or a tech.

    There should be at least one RN in the room for the procedure, and can be two sometimes.
  4. by   jayliebean71
    Can a LVN under the supervision of a RN recover a patient that has had a colonoscopy or EGD with conscious sedation (versed and demerol?) ?
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  5. by   EndoNurseSp
    i think there is no difference of the nurse's role if you work in endoscopy. universally, your role is to keep the patient's safety. so in endoscopy, i would say that you have to monitor patient's vital signs and report for any unusualities, provide patient's comfort, do ur documentation, and maintain patient's dignity esp if patient is undergoing flexi sigmoid or colonoscopy. also, assisting the operator/endoscopist esp in the therapeutic procedure is the nurse's job..but hey, u cant be the jack of all trades, so there should be another nurse or nurse assistant in the room.
  6. by   PUDDIN
    A patient tells me she needs two people to help her as she is very unsteady on her feet because of her arthritis. The care plan has no information regarding her arthritic condition. The RN says she is OK to walk with me, if I need any help ask her husband. What do i do?
  7. by   GI Jackie
    Puddin -
    I think the obvious reply is to get someone to help you. Your patient knows more about what they need than we do most times. If she says she needs two people, then two people it is.