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I had my first colonoscopy last Friday. I am 46 and my mother has had two surgeries for colon CA, so I felt pretty good about being so responsible. I went to every website I could find and... Read More

  1. by   CrohnieToo
    Quote from careerchoices
    ... But my doc (colorectal surgeon) always forgets, and then argues with me because he is afraid if I'm not sedated, it will slow him down too much. He does not say that outright, but makes comments about the "tight schedule" until I give in.

    Tell him T++++H S++T! and to H++L w/his precious schedule!! Get another doctor, and probably better to get a gastro than a colorectal surgeon. YOU are the one who endures the benefits and/or consequences of any procedure, test or treatment. WHY give in to some egotistical, insenstive surgeon?? YOU are paying HIM whether out of pocket or thru your insurance. The doctors I've ever encountered who thought they walked on water, fell flat on their faces when walking on ice.
  2. by   mshultz
    Quote from careerchoices
    I would rather NOT be sedated; I am allergic to Fentanyl (not a full anaphylactic rxn yet, but I've done vomiting, been told that I am allergic by an anesthesiologist and ended up in the ER twice after procedures on a nebulizer) and I get bad post-procedural depression from Versed. But my doc (colorectal surgeon) always forgets, and then argues with me because he is afraid if I'm not sedated, it will slow him down too much. He does not say that outright, but makes comments about the "tight schedule" until I give in.
    I agree with CrohnieToo's advice. My doctor, a general surgeon, did not use abdominal compression, nor did he withdraw the scope a bit to resolve looping. It was really painful, but the pain was not nearly as bad as the creepy amnesia after I requested more drugs (I had asked to watch).

    In addition, I have a concern about your doctor "forgetting" your request. This sounds like passive-aggressive behavior to me. My rules on passive-aggressive behavior:
    1. Never, never, never, ever engage in passive-aggressive behavior.
    2. To the greatest extent possible, avoid people who do engage in passive-aggressive behavior.
  3. by   CrohnieToo
    Another alternative you might want to discuss w/your NEW doctor who will be doing your scopes is the use of Propofol (Diprivan) for your scopes. Whilst you won't be awake to watch as you'd like to be, it is short acting and you wake up ALERT and AWARE and NOT so confused you can't remember a thing the doctor said to you after the scope.

    Whenever my gastro and I have agreed on "sedation" for an endoscopy (the upper endoscopy is the worst of the two w/o sedation due to my STRONG gag reflex) my gastro has allowed me to bring my video cam and one of the staff videos just the monitor during the scope from insertion to withdrawal. Its almost as good as being awake and alert during the scope - except you can't ask questions during the scope. My gastro is great about pointing something out, like the psychodelic "yeastie beasties" I had once after using a steroid inhaler; an internal hemmorrhoidal skin tag or a diverticulum, etc. during the lower scope, whatever.

    My last upper endoscopy my gastro w/her neat sense of humor (and the staff) took a quick video of me laying there w/my mouth open w/the "dumb" sedated look and the staff all around my head grinning and waving and saying "hi, we're ready to start". I haven't figured out yet what I'm gonna do to "get even" w/those clowns! But I'll think of something before my next scope.
  4. by   myschief1
    Most of our GI docs are using NAPS (nurse administered propofol sedation) and it has decreased our patient complications and increased patient satisfaction. It is still controversial, but NAPS is gaining approval as we collect more and more evidence supporting this practice.
  5. by   careerchoices
    Thanks for the suggestion; I don't really want the Propofol as I really don't care for the amnesic properties of those drugs. I'm just paranoid enough to want to remember that I acted appropriately...this is a hangup of mine after one bad experience with a rude doc.

    That being said, yeah, I want zero recall of an EGD.
  6. by   CrohnieToo
    Pardon me while I'm confused. You really don't want Propofol as you really don't care for the amnesic properties of those drugs - yet you want zero recall of an EGD??

    How do you propose you are going to reconcile this?
  7. by   careerchoices
    Point taken...sorry if I was unclear.

    I can tolerate a colonoscopy awake (had a couple very-undermedicated ones where I just kept my mouth shut) and I would rather remember. A friend pointed out that she suspects this doctor is more worried about patients suing if they see something they don't like. He gets annoyed if patients want to keep their glasses on or look at the monitor.

    An EGD is a whole different thing. I remember about 2/3 of my first EGD and it was horrid; like I was suffocating while being deeply violated, total gagging and gasping while Cxxxx Txxxxx yelled at me (different doc, I fired him for that). I want to be out for that. I would almost accept a whack on the head.
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  8. by   CrohnieToo
    THAT I CAN understand! The gagging during an EGD is ..... ugh, don't wanna think about it! Even my gastro says EGD w/o sedation is WAY WORSE than a colonoscopy w/o sedation! She's gone thru both w/o sedation to find out for herself.
  9. by   careerchoices
    My other issue--silly as it is--is that if I am awake during a colonoscopy, I can control myself and keep from moaning or complaining. Too many times I have come out of the sedation to find myself moaning as they round the turn at the splenic flexure.

    At least with an EGD, I have my mouth full.
  10. by   CrohnieToo
    Giggle. I have no problems w/the splenic flexure, its when they get to the far end of the transverse colon approaching the heptaic flexure that the vagus nerve says enough and it gets darn uncomfortable and I start GAGGING bad, but a little phenergan in the IV puts the vagus nerve back in "standby mode" and we can continue.
  11. by   Mersa59
    Mychief 1

    I am a RN, had to be scoped last week, was anxious about it. However everyone insisted I would not feel anything.
    They Lied.
    I had Propofol
    Remember nothing from the EGD, However I was very sore and raw from the prep, and when I told the doc this, I heard her say to someone get me some lidocaine.
    I asked myself why would they need lidocaine?
    well.....I was not so sedated for the colonoscopy.
    I felt the insertion of the tube, and it hurt and I remember yelling out. I also felt the tube being advanced and this was painful, along with this I felt the removal, and the doc told me there was a hematoma that occured from the tube.
    I was yelling OWE-OWe!! at different times, and while I was wheeled into recovery. I was AWAKE, but had still enough sedation, not to be able to move and stop this proceedure.
    I was in terrible pain after ward,I felt like a horse had kicked me upper and lower abdomen, had pain for days now, although with each day it is a little less.
    I did have biospies taken with the endoscopic part.
    I am not a wooz, have had 3 c-sections, a shoulder dislocation and more. Never wanted to get the 5-6 foot hose however, and found myself with a very low crit and HG/ iron levels.
    I did not think I had a bleed, but you know they have to do their own thing about ruling out the cause.
    I feel they could of had me out as deeply for the colonoscopy as they did for the endo.
    I do not know why they did not.
    I felt lied too, and misserable, and felt that this test was not necessary. I had asked for a virtual and capsule but was told It was better to go this route.
    sitting here with my upper abdome still hurting I can honestly say, This was the First, and the Last.
    I will never be put thru this one again.
    It is totaly nuts, that they do not give many patients enough anesthesia. To have to feel all that and with my insides already raw, which I am sure made it worse, is totaly barberic.So If you are working for GI docs, let them know, that this patient/RN
    says, make sure the patient is OUT, and not yelling. yelling is a sign of not being medicated enough, and should never be happening!!!!!

  12. by   CrohnieToo
    If you are still in pain from this colonoscopy you can credit that DIRECTLY to the lack of skill or consideration of the person doing the scope. Whether the doctor advanced the scope or had a nurse advancing the scope the residual pain at this late date was caused by the extreme and unnecessary stretching of the colon as the scope was advanced and the shaft looped back on itself and the person advancing the scope not using proper and considerate procedure.

    If I'm understanding correctly you had the EGD and then immediately following you had the colonoscopy. Most certainly you SHOULD ask WHY you were NOT adequately sedated for the colonoscopy. There may have been a MEDICAL reason why they couldn't provide more or enough propofol for the colonoscopy.

    I sure would NOT have another colonoscopy w/this particular doctor and I would ask point blank WHO was advancing the scope, the doctor or the nurse.
  13. by   Mersa59
    I do believe it was the doc that had hands on with the scope.
    I was left with a hematoma also, they were upfront about it, said it probably happened from the scope, and that they rinsed throughly with saline, and it appeared to have stopped bleeding.
    If they were concerned about any medical problem, they should have told me. after all they sedated me enough with the EGD, so why not the colonoscopy?
    I had been told not to worry that I would be out and not feel anything as I was getting the catalac of drugs for this. But that was not what happend. I think they knew ahead of time, as when I told the doc about how sore I was from the prep, I heard her say to one of the other staff, go get me lidocaine. if a person is sedated enough, why would you need lidocaine.?
    I was going to ask her this, but then I thought no they promised I would be out.
    oh well it is over and done with now, was set up as a urgent sort of thing, as I had dropping crit and hg, iron levels. had to have 4 units of blood several days before the proceedure. I had to have my crit back up to non dangerous levels in order to be sedated. It was up to 32 from 14.
    thanks for responding.
    If I see her again, the doc, I will make sure I say something about all this.(she was a 4th year resident)