Isn't a colostomy an "over kill"?

  1. Everyone has been so helpful in guiding me to make informed decisions re: my dad's medical care (the result of a MVA involving an Armoured Security Truck that ran a stop sign & broad-sided my dad's car). Currently, we are being forced to make a decision that, in my opinion, doesn't appear to be in the my dad's best interest.
    3 weeks ago my dad had a G-tube placed. 2 weeks ago they began using the tube for feedings. Whenever he was tube fed, within 2 hours of starting it out @ 10 ml/hr, his abdomen would become firmly distended & he'd be respiratory distress r/t the pressure that pushed up on his diaphram requiring mechanical ventilation. A colonoscopy was performed with decompression x 2 which relieved the distention .....that was until they resumed feedings again. He's having soft formed bowel movements on a daily basis, which lends me to believe there isn't an obstruction. They inserted a rectal tube to assist w/ decompression. CT shows large amounts of gas in the lg. intestines & stomach. The the dialated portion of the lg instestines measures 7 cm. which is said to not be that abnormal.
    2 days ago, they simply andministered 2 water flushes of 60 ml/each and the distention restarted. A surgeon consulted yesterday for placement of a cecostomy tube but given the chances of occlusion & leakage - he's reluctant to do it. He's highly recommending placement of a colostomy. He claims it's the "ideal" solution. Doesn't anyone think that a colostomy is a rather invasive approach for someone who doesn't have a bowel obstruction? The surgeon diagnosed it as "Ogilvie Syndrome". Is there a chance that the G-tube might have migrated and thus causing a gastric outlet obstruction? If a colostomy is indeed the only treatment available - fine! but I have a hard time believing that. Any recommendations or ideas?
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    Quote from DJ-Adia
    Any recommendations or ideas?
    It is definitely in your father's best interest that a licensed physician provide all of the recommendations and ideas regarding medical care and future interventions. The membership at is not in the position to give any medical advice.

    Let's hope for a good outcome for your father.