how may procedures per day

  1. What is your average # & types of procedures per day?
    (ours is 10-18 mostly Egd with dil, colons)

    Whats you average on ERCPS months?

    (our usually 5 or so if were lucky...if not 5 week)
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  3. by   Cali
    When I worked in the GI lab we only did about 10 procedures a day because we only did them in the mornings. We did about 1 or 2 EGD's and the rest were Colo's.
  4. by   EndoRN
    Anywhere from 5-40. It varies, depending on what doctors are scoping that day. We have 5 endo rooms in our lab. We usually use about 3/day (average).
    No ERCP's.

  5. by   LibraSun
    We have 2.5 rooms (.5 is so small we only use it in a pinch!) and do 12-16 egd/colon per day except Tuesday morning when we are closed and only do 6-8 procedures in the PM.

    We only do 2-3 ERCPs a week and sometimes none. But there are lots of GI docs stopping ERCPs so we may pick up.
  6. by   twhatley
    We usually do around 20- 25 pts a day. Lots of doubles (colon/egds) we also do bronchs and ercps. We have 6 rooms, but usually on run 5 of them. The fifth room is for bronchs and ercps. Room 6 is were we do ph/motility and cmg/emgs and cmg/lpps. Nurse wise, we have 5 nurses and 3 techs. One of the five nurses does charge. My gi docs and surgeons are opening a free standing surgical clinic (the hospital owns 50%) in a couple of months. Does anyone have any advice...........What is this going to do to our business? Thanks!
  7. by   robrn
    I work in a lab where we see 10 to 15 patients per day. We have another hospital that sees 8 to 10 per day. In addition to the hospitals we have a Surgi-center that sees 10 to 15 patients per day. Our population base is about 120,000 6 MD's that all work in the same GI clinic. They each have a block day at each place, and they don't seem to have trouble filling the block. The Surgi-center only sees ASA 1 and 2's. When the Surgi-center opened we were concerned and our volume dropped a little but returned to normal and above in a very short time.
  8. by   mom2alyssa
    I was amazed to see the replies to this question. We do anywhere between 35 and 60 cases a day (60 is a BAD day!) this is including 24 ph, breath hydro, manometry(rectal also). We do sometimes 3 ERCPs a day. We have 6 rooms (6th being the ERCP room) Each room is staffed with 1 nurse and one tech and then we have one charge nurse and about 8-9 nurses to admit and D/C pts. We have about 25-30 people on staff!

    I have been working in endoscopy for almost 4 years now. Love it, but probably won't be there forever--much more I'd like to see and do.

  9. by   patsue53
    We average around 32 cases per day with 47 being the most we've done in one day. This includes 2 campuses but one campus is inpatient only. We also do bronchs, ercp's, eso manometry, rectal ultrasound, prostate tumor volumetric studies and seed implants...oh and 24 hour pH studies. We do analrectal manometry but it's so rare there's talk of discontinuing it....we don't even do it often enough to get a 2nd person trained to do it.
    We have 6 rooms on one campus and 1 room on the other campus. We work in teams of an RN and an assistant and also have a charge nurse who does traffic control and doc control.
    The docs we do the majority of our cases with are opening their own clinic with a 50% partnership with the hospital but the clinic will do their own hiring and employees will not be hospital employees. My NM said they think that our volumes will drop to about 15 cases per day.
    I've accepted a position at the new clinic. I'm a little nervous about it but the prospect of no call, no weekends, and no holidays looks pretty good to my 50yo bones.
  10. by   dazedandconfused
    We average 30- 40 patients a day. Lately we have been on the higher side. The number of doubles that we do has increased also, depends on which docs are there that day.
    ERCP- It depends. They usually come up Friday afternoon. :stone
    I would have to say 3 or 4 a month at least.