how do you organize your admits and discharges?

  1. We are preparing to Admit and Discharge our own patients. Currently our patients are Admitted and Discharged through Short Stay. They currently put a patient in a space and that is their space until they are discharged. So no one else can occupy that space until that patient returns from their procedure and is discharged. We are interested in doing "Flex Beds". Where every patient is admitted to a stretcher and when they return we find an empty space for them and put them there. That way we can continue to admit more patients than we have spaces for because three of them will be in GI having their proceudres. We are thinking of having 8 beds and only 5 slots, since there are three rooms in GI.
    I'm interested in knowing how other places deal with this issue. Now we are having problems with our patients not being ready when we are. Often because someone is taking longer to get discharged so there is no open bed for them to admit the next patient into.
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  3. by   dazedandconfused
    We opened our pre/post rooms in July. We have 6 procedure rooms and 12 pre/post rooms. With the first cases- all of the rooms are used to admit patients. Once our procedures start 6 of the rooms become dedicated for post and discharge. With our set up we have 2 nurses that admit and 2 to discharge. On the days we use all six procedure rooms it can get a bit crowded with post op. After the procedure the patient, depending on LOC and vital signs, is assisted into a recliner that we roll to post op. If they do not fit criteria, they come out on the stretcher. Hope that helps a bit.
  4. by   whurlwind
    Hi, I work at a GI (EGD and Colonoscopy only ) clinic in the Dallas/Ft worth area. We have 3 procedure rooms, 3 admn./prep beds and sometimes use 2 of the 7 post precedure beds if avialable to admit pts. We have had 45 procedues in one day, yes way to many, but average in the upper 30s. We have 2 nx in prep, 2 nx in post and 1 float nx who floats between pre and post procedure. Each procedure room has 1 Dr., 1Nx, 1 tech to assist the Dr..
    Each procedure is schedule for a 30 min. time slot, and 30 min. in recovery(3 vital signs reading). Very seldom does any pt. stay in recovery over 30 min it causes problems because we need the bed. We can strip and make a bed in two min. or less. The Pt. stays in the bed from prep to recovery and then we make them change in bed so they don't fall (not very popular). We then walk them out to the person who will drive them home ( no taxi ). Please let me know if you need any other info.