Colonoscopy advice

  1. I need to have a colonoscopy within the month due to rectal bleeding. I'm trying to decide about 2 different medication approaches: 1)fentanyl and versed or 2) propofol. I've had 2 very painful procedures in the past. In the first, the demoral was not sufficient to control the pain since my colon was apparently difficult. The second time I had propofol. I don't remember a thing, but the doctor said I struggled even with that sedation. My new doctor wants to use fentanyl and versed, and he was dismissive of my concerns about pain control. My older doc says fentanyl could be dangerous. What approach do you think is the best one?

    I'm a bit afraid of annesthesia sinec a surgery last year. The anesthesia made my essential tremor much worse. Would propofol have the same impact on my tremor and central nervous system.
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    While we do discuss nursing-related issues here, giving medical advice is outside the scope of the site. Please see the Terms of Service.

    Communication with your physicians will be the best way to resolve your uncertainty.