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can anyone out there give me some pre-op tips, am going to have roux in y later this summer....also do you know of any studies of how this will affect my diabetes?


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i take care of s/p gastric bypass patients, i really don't have any pre op tips except get ready mentally, it seems like a tough experience, most importantly follow all post op instructions and make sure your pain is controlled in the immediate post op period good luck hope all goes well nec :)


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hi.. I had the surgery about 4 years ago... my mom,dad, and sis had it... my mother "is" a diabetic..BUT she no longer recieves had high blood is now under control...PM me if u wish!!

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A horribly obese coworker had it done. Lost a tremendous amount of weight. Was adult onset diabeties, but now has been pronounced "cured", meaning her b.g.'s are wnl and she no longer even has to take oral hypoglycemics or even do accuchecks!

I know you were probably asking during the preop and post op phase how it would affect your diabeties, but wanted to share her experience.

Good luck!

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