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Hello everyone,

I want to share to you my fellow nurses the hardship of landing a RN job here in Maryland. I hope someone can help and share some advice. I am a foreign Nurse grad with 6 years of hospital experience. I came here in the U.S. Way back year 2012. I took and passed the NCLEX-RN exam in 2014. Now I am searching to land a job as a RN but it seems so frustrating that the recruiters were dodging me since I don't have yet a U.S. nursing experience and that is what they're looking for. I am unemployed for almost 3 years. Now how can I have an experience if I can't find an employer. Please engligthen my mind guys and so that I can have ideas what I am gonna do next. I want to give up my profession and work in different area of endeavour. Thank you guys!

Jules A, MSN

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The good news is it shouldn't be too difficult to get a RN job in Maryland because there are so many hospitals etc. so I'm guessing its more about your lack of experience as well as that you passed NCLEX a year ago and haven't worked yet.

My advice is to widen your net regarding what you are willing to do, LTC might be a decent target, as well as utilizing any social contacts you have whether that be at church, your kids school etc. Word of mouth and current staff recommendations is a huge leg up in this region. Good luck.


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Thank you for the input Jules A. I've been interviewed by a couple time now in LTC but they preferred someone whomhas already have an LTC experience. Do you have an idea what is a graduate nurse program? I just searched the Florida Hospital is offering this kind of program. I am really indire need to land a spot. Even if I have to relocate outside in Maryland.


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I've been interviewed a couple of times now in a LTC facility but they prefer someone whom has a

LTC experience. I don't know where to find another facility to apply. I am really indire need for a slot. I am running out of ideas. Thank you very much for the input Jules A.

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