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Started this thread to see if anyone is pursuing this start date, with this school in the Houston Location! Would love to hear from others and their process towards enrollment such as taking the TEAS, and finishing the steps towards acceptance! Cheers! 


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I probably can't help you much since I just started the program for the Winter 2023 session today. I live in Houston, but I'm doing the Austin cohort. I'll be moving to Austin very soon. The enrollment process was very smooth for me, for the most part. There were a couple courses they didn't accept for transfer so that was kind of annoying. But I just decided to suck it up and bite the bullet. I'm ready to start school and I'm exhausted with admissions processes and going back and forth between different programs. Thankfully my HESI/TEAS scores from 2019 were still good enough for them to consider.

I had no interest in retaking those exams anyway. The school seems to be pretty established, legit. Looks promising other than the skyrocket tuition. That's the only thing that scares me, to be honest. However, it seems that is the price to pay for all of those private schools. This is definitely my last resort and I'm also growing tired of the entire process--just ready to start working. Did you decide to begin with the Houston cohort for Winter 2023? How's the admissions process been for you?


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