Gagging From Certain Smells


I'm a pre-nursing student. It is required by my school that I become an STNA before I am permitted to get on the waitlist for nursing school. I plan on getting my master's and dream of working in an oncology/hematology unit.

I've heard horror stories of the bad smells, and I know my reaction will be gagging and then possibly throwing up. I don't know what to do to control this. I wish I didn't react this way and I hate that is getting in my way of being a nurse. :crying2:I would feel so horrible if I gagged in front of some old lady who couldn't control how her bowel movement smelled.

What can I do? I've tried breathing through my mouth and it just doesn't seem to work right. It's like my nose just wants to take control. I wish I could inject something in my nose to paralyze it somehow! Or even stick something up there to completely block all smells from coming thru. I'll do anything! Please help!