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Gadsden state community college

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Hey I'm curious about the nursing program that Gadsden offers at night at the Cherokee campus, if any could tell me how it is and what days and how many hours you're in class or at clinical sites that would be great! I would really appreciate any advice or really anything about the night classes. thanks so much!

Hello. I recently applied to the night program. I went to a pre-nursing advisement session and they gave us a little info about the time. Usually class would be M-Th 6pm-10pm then clinical on Sat and Sun. Have you already applied?

No I haven't applied yet, it will be next fall if I decide on the night time program before I'm able to apply. That's great! You'll have to keep me updated on the details if you get in! Good luck! I really would like to do the night program but then again I'm a little nervous about it.