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Hello Everybody i am trying to get into a graduate program for my master of science in nursing. But my G.P.A IS 2.5 and most school i appplied to require 3.0 please anybody as a suggestion for thank you

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Take some classes to raise your GPA. Local community college is good for this.


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Can you retake a course to increase your GPA?

GPA = grade point average

number of credit hours attempted + number of quality points received= gpa

the only way to raise or lower a gpa is by taking classes and doing well or taking classes and doing poorly. it won't help to take 30 more classes if you aren't going to get excellent grades (i.e. A's). and even if you take classes and receive B's it's gonna take a while to raise the gpa to B level.

so it looks like you are either going to have to retake the classes you did poorly in or take new classes and achieve very high grades. best of luck to you! :)


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Try taking a clas or two that you know you can do really well. Try to change the way you study. Good luck let us know how it's going.:)

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