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fx of 3rd metatarsal, curious on healing time

12 days ago I fell and sustained a fracture at the base of the 3rd metatarsal. Im feeling disgusted because im still on crutches and cant walk yet. Is it dangerous for me to attempt to walk if there is pain still? there is still swelling and bruising. i love to run and exercise and Im wondering how long before i will be able to run again, and if i will be able to run like i did before the fall. Am I at a normal stage of healing?

Did the doctor give you a walking cast or shoe? Yes, there may still be a bit of pain. Of course, a break has occured.

Puh-lease! When you do heal, take it easy. I had a hairline fx in my left foot in March '03. I could only waddle veeerrrry slowly with the cast. :chuckle

That is what happens when a nurse rushes! We get hurt. :p

Normal healing time for these types of fractures are 6-8 weeks, and because of the location so close to the tranverse arch of the foot, you should be non weight bearing for most of that time. However, not seeing the x-ray/fracture/ or soft tissue injury, this can very. If this were a fracture of the 5th Metatarsal base you would be put in a post op shoe for 6 weeks and re x-rayed at that that time. (Unless you were a competative athlete then we would just fix you with an IM screw.) If the displacement and soft tissue damage are minimal and the location of the fracture doesn't interfere with the arch then you may be going to a post op shoe shortly as well. Good Luck.

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