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Future Young Lions in Taiwan~ Stand by me


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Dear Nurse sister and brothers,

Please support us~

2022 "The Power of Nursing" - Future Young Lions in Taiwan.

Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center(Taipei, Taiwan) launched this film - Stand by me.

The core value of the video is to convey and appeal: to an "Appropriate nurse-to-patient ratio to ensure patient safety and quality of care."

Compared with others countries, Taiwan’s nurse-to-patient ratio is almost twice the standard. Studies show that each additional patient per nurse increases the mortality rate by 7% and the nurse burnout rate by 23%. This fact reflects that without nurses, a hospital bed is just a bed. We want to ask the governments and medical institutions that the number of available beds should be determined by an adequate nurse-to-patient ratio to ensure patient safety and quality of care.

Our video has passed the first stage of selection and is now entering the second stage of social media and public voting. One of the conditions for being shortlisted: FB+YouTube watch and click rate must exceed 10,000 times before 12/18

I know it's not easy. I sincerely ask all my friends to enjoy this video together and give us support and encouragement; thank you~