Future student with lots of questions!!! :)


Hi, I am a 24 year old wife and mother of a 16month old. I will be moving to San Diego from San Juan PR. Nursing is my calling and the only thing can see myself doing professionally. I have no college and will start as soon as possible at Miracosta. I am a little worried because English is my second language and also horrible at math :(.

After completing pre reqs at Mira costa I wanted to transfer to SDSU for the BSN program. How long should I expect to be on their waiting list? (if I make it)

How is Mira costa college for pre reqs? Are the teachers good?

How is nursing school at SDSU and are the teachers good?

Are there any other options in SD for a BSN other than SDSU?

I saw Point Loma but it's really expensive I don't know if I could afford it!!! I would consider doing my LVN and then transferring to PNLU but I don't know if that would make it less time and cheaper! I have wrote them and they keep sending me back to their web site which doesn't specify about that.. I f any one here has gone to PLNU can you please tell me about you r experience and If there's a LVN to BSN or RN to BSN program?

Thank you

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Hi there! You should repost this in the regional section in California where there is school information so you will get a better response.

I'm in San Diego and going to National University (a private school). You may want to check with SDSU, because I heard that the program is so impacted that they are no longer accepting transfer students.

There is also CSU San Marcos, UCSD, and maybe USD for BSN programs. I may be forgetting some of the schools here.

I think MiraCosta was going to be introducing an ADN program soon as well, so that may be an option.