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i am a sophomore in high school and i hope to become a ob-gyn nurse, or even an ob-gyn some day. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on the college education i need, residency etc.

All the help you can give me will be very appreciated



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Hi Shelley...

Don't get too excited yet... I don't have any information that you requested. But... I thought I'd respond to your message because I am totally interested in becoming an ob/gyn nurse practitioner. I am actually entering my sophomore year of college and hopefully by January I'll be enrolled in the nursing program at my college. I do have a little advice for ya! Keep your researching up! Start investigating colleges that have nursing schools. One thing I do know is that obstetrics is a specialty, so what that means is that you have to start off with a basic program that will enable you to perform RN work. From what I have gathered... after the 4 years that it takes to get the B.S. (bachelor of science) degree in nursing you can then specialize. And that adds on another 2 years of graduate study to your long list of schooling. Don't take my word on it but I think that is how it works. Anyways... I think that is all for now. If you wanna talk anymore about this stuff feel free to email me. my address is [email protected]

Talk to you later...

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Hi Shelley,

I am a student in nursing in BC, Canada. Here you have to take the normal nursing course (4 years for a baccalaureate degree, 3 for an RN degree) and then some courses at a university in Vancouver (BCIT) that take less than a year. You can do those courses while you're working (in another area because no place in the province will hire you for ob/gyn unless you've taken BCIT courses.) If you live in the States I have no idea smile.gif


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