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Where I work, the nurses are striking. I feel their pain, and know why they are striking. There's one nurse on my floor that crossed the line and continued working. This particular nurse has destroyed what remained of our unit. This nurse acts like everyone's boss, and has even written me up (along with my other coworkers) for things that never happened! My name has been dragged through the mud, and i have no way to prove otherwise that I'm a good employee. I'm never absent, and I always help out where I can. (I'm crossed trained between unit clerk and patient care tech) When I eventually get my nursing license, I'm afraid that I'll never get a job! I've been pulled into the office and written up I don't know how many times, and no one in management wants to believe that I didn't do any of these things! HELP! :confused:

If she keeps writing people up for things that never happened hopefully the management will eventually realize that she's lying. I really don't think you'll have trouble getting a job when you graduate-- there's no law that says you have to use them as a reference. Besides, do you really want to continue to work at this hospital anyway if your coworkers act like that? If all of your coworkers have the same complaints about this one nurse maybe you can collectively go talk to management about her need to write you up for things you never even did. I know this is really stressful, but if you do your job to the best of your ability hopefully your managers will eventually see that. Good luck.


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Any other job prospects out there? You sure don't need this aggravation. Good luck!

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