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Yesterday I got the call that I have been furloughed (temporary lay off) for 4 weeks but that may become less or more. Thank god they are paying my medical and dental insurance in the meantime!

I am currently applying for unemployment and since covid started I swore I would make best of time off if it came to that. On unemployment you are not supposed to start going back to school full time so starting my BSN off table tright now (not to mention money tight anyways for that). I was wondering if there are any other brief courses or certifications I can do in the meantime besides CEU's, like something I can put on a resume.

I have sent questions to nurse beth asking about possibly pursuing a non bedside nursing career, she suggested getting a BSN which at this point I can't but sometime in future when dust settles I will. However I am open to studying other topics as well. I got the furlough because I work on a psych unit and unfortunately psych patients aren't high on priority at this time and hospital is losing money. I do love my psych job but not sure at this time if they will ever open back up. I also do have a medical background as an ortho/neuro, medurge/tele RN for 7 years priors to psych which I still do per diem, however per diems got furloughed too! (2 separate hospitals)

Any suggestions would be welcome I like learning and now that I have free time I want to make best of it!


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I took a voluntary furlough last week. I get to collect unemployment during this time. Tbh, I’m glad. I’m hoping it gets extended an extra month. I’m disgusted with the PPE situation, I have kids and elderly parents (that live with me) and I will stretch this out as long as I can. I know that probably sounds horrible, but I have zero confidence in my hospital at this time.


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Hi mhurn,

I am sorry to read about your situation. You say that there is a rule that you are not allowed to collect unemployment while attending school full time. What is the exact rule? Can you attend school part - time while collecting unemployment? Your job is still covering your health benefits. Is it possible that they are also still covering your education benefits? Maybe there is a way you can start taking credits toward the BSN...