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i know there are a lot of posts like this, but not many in the nursing assistant discussion area,so i thought we could talk about the funny things we do to ourselves.

i work in memory care. so one of our usuals pulls the cord,so i go see what she needs and i start answering her usual round of questions. well she asks me, did that little girl find her mother? im thinking who? there was no child here looking for her mother. so i asked her what the little girl looked like etc, she couldnt remmember. so i was thinking well thats a little odd and i left her room, thinking about all the strange and weird things it could be. i guess i thought a little too much about the creepy stories i had heard about the place.anyways so like 20 minutes later, another resident walks into the commens area, and you guessed it, she was crying and looking for her mother.i was like wow that is pretty obvous :idea:..and here i was thinking it was something more!. lol how about you guys? ever have those dop!! momments?:bugeyes:

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lol. One of our wanderers has a baby doll, and this man with dementia (who LOVES babies and children), thought it was real. On that day the wanderer kinda forgot about the doll and started carrying it upside down with its head banging along on the wheelchair and our man got SO upset! He wouldn't stop yelling until we "fixed" the baby and was still pretty anxious about leaving it with its incompetent mother.

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