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Hi. I am seriously considering training as a nurse and studying the Postgraduate Diploma in Adult Nursing at St Barts. I already have a degree in Human Sciences (genetics, biology of infectious disease, structure of healthcare systems etc etc) and am almost qualified as a Holisitic Aromatherapist. I, thus, already have debts and this is what is holding me back from applying. I understand that postgrads are eligible for the non-means tested bursary (which i think is just over £6,000 per yr in London?), but are they eligible for any other kind of financial support? I know that we are not eligible for student loans, but do any banks do any healthcare loan schemes that I might be able to apply to?

Would be very grateful if anyone could tell me anything.


Kitty (I am 24 btw - so am not eligible for money that is for "older students")


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I think you'll make more money as an aromatherapist!!! sorry, dont know the answers to your questions but can ask around!


tony summers

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there is not much other financial support around for student nurses, because the bursary is considered quite adequate for them to live on. Most students work extra either as an agency auxillary or hospital bank auxillary to boost their money.

I agree with karen though you'd probably earn more as an aromatherapist than a nurse, not that i would dissaude anyone from joining our most illustrious profession.

If your serious about training as a nurse why not establish your self as an aromatherapist so that you can extra money that way.


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Had to reply (even if just because you have the same name as me!!) agreeing with previous writer about the money and the aromatherapy thing but if you really want to do the nursing stuff go for it, money is not all. I'm just about to enter my third year and it really is fantastic!

I am a 'mature' student nurse living on a bursary and was horrified with the status ie not employed by anyone so not entitled to any of the tax benefits available, and not being so impoverished that would make state help available. However there are things you can do (by the way I'm also a single parent so imagine my delight to find that there was not help from anywhere with childcare, what joy!)

You should get plenty of time when not on placement to bank as a support assistant, while also gaining invaluable experience, if you can manage to work 16 or more hours per week then you will be entitled to claim working tax credit under the new rules (from April 2003 apply online through inland revenue) bursary is not taken into account as earnings! If you have children you will get more.

For my first two years I received additional money from charities - find them through college libraries or internet (mine were to do with childcare costs but I know others who have got them for educational reasons!). Other stuff to bear in mind - you don't have to pay council tax and you can apply for assistance with healthcare fees (dentistry/optitions) through the HC3 certificate.

Good luck whatever you choose.

tony summers

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I agree I would never knock nursing as a profession, I thoroughly love my job and get great satisfaction from what I now do.

I've worked in offices and spent time in the army and in both instances earned more than anything that i've earned nursing. But I don't and never been concerned about what money I've earned, it is the job satisfaction that I get from nursing that keeps me nursing.

So if nursing is what you wish to do, go forth and do it you will find the way to make the money

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