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funding for LPN School

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Hi, I am a CNA in Southern Ohio and I have been accepted into the LPN class at our local vocational school. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions/ideas on funding to help me with tution costs. Being a single parent will make things a little more difficult for me, but I am determined to finish at the top of my class. Being a nurse has been a dream of mine for a long time and I know that I will make a wonderful nurse. The work is hard but the rewards are so terrific!!

Thanks to all in advance for the help. Have a great day !

Teresa :)


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The school that you are attending should have a financial aide office to assist you in applying for grants and loans from the State of Ohio and the Federal Government. As a single parent, I would be inclined to believe that you would be eligible for a lot of grant money. Check it out! Good Luck with your career. We need a LOT of good nurses. Also check out the LPN corner and the Student Nursing forum for lots of helpful info!


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