Fundamrntals HESI


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Took the fundamentals hesi today and got an 840 (78.4% conversion). I don't get it. I got 3 As and 1 B on our four exams all year. Any insight as to why I and most of my classmates scored so low on HESI?


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Just courious, what did you need to pass? What happens now?

Im a new student. First class starts jan 7th (fundimentals)


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What did you do to prepare for the HESI? In our program the exams are not set up nclex style for the most part this semester (also fundamentals), so we have been encouraged to go through nclex style questions and do the case studies we have access to in order to prepare for it. I have found both to be very helpful in learning how to critically think in general, and reading the rationales on the right and wrong answers is always important. Our HESI is Monday so we shall see how any of this actually prepares me, I to am doing well in general so hopefully preparing for those types of questions will be beneficial.


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Our school recommends a 900 but nothing happens if we don't reach that. Well except we aren't exempt from the final exam.

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Hmm, what did you use to study? I made a 92 (I think?) on my fundamentals HESI, I just skimmed my notes. I have found that studying for HESI exams just doesn't help me much, I've always just skimmed my HESI review book the night before. The same was true of my exit HESI I took in October.


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I made a 877 on my Fundamental HESI. Our school wants a 850. We were told to study a HESI NCLEX-RN Examination book. It helped me a little, but we are fortunate we get some HESI styled questions on our tests. I am not sure what books your school uses, but we a lot of books from Elsevier and they have wonderful companion help that goes along with our textbooks.

We were told in our school that every time you take the HESI you will get better. I am going to start practicing my HESI stuff for at least 15-20 minutes a day just to become for comfortable with all the material.

Good luck and keep study, I am sure you will be just fine. :)


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We use perry/potter from elsevier. To review i used elsevier's comprehensive nclex-RN with HESI tips. I also used Saunders comprehensive review for nclex. I think the questions that gave me the most trouble were the what would you say to the client/family/co worker type questions. None of the answers were close to what I'd say in real life. They were just too vague.

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For future HESI's, that HESI comprehensive review book for the NCLEX is AWESOME. It's all I ever used, aside from Fundamentals. For that class, it's just kind of tricky, there isn't really a specific area that you cover in that first semester, IMO.