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Does anyone have any good study tips on how to study for fundamentals proctored exam? I've retaken it multiple times and can't seem to get over a 58%. I need a 63% to pass

What are you using to study for it?

I used NCLEX 3500 free version online and did all the fundamentals questions (close to 700 or so) and I did very well.

Is it a HESI? If it is you can log onto Student Access on evolve, and it provides you with study materials for what you are missing.

We're using ati fundamentals and med surg books they provided. I have tried the rn mentor app and also my basic nursing book

Med surg will not help you for fundamentals. The fundamentals exams are comprised of fundamentals and health assessment.

It had a few questions over med surg information and i think that is why I'm having such a hard time. There's also some tracheostomy care questions that we won't go over until 4th semester so I'm scattered on where or what to study now

The exam will not test you on something you haven't learned. If it's a concept that seems advanced like "tracheostomy" then likely the question has nothing to do with the trach itself, and most likely is about something super basic like standard precautions, sterile vs. aseptic technique, etc.

You should already know that any stoma is cared for using sterile technique. Remember if something seems advanced look at the question again and figure out what it is asking you. I think you may be stressing yourself out...

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