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Fundamentals of nursing


How to be successful in fundamentals of nursing?

In order to be successful in Fundamentals and all through NS you must develop strong study habits and test taking skills that you can carry through to each semester.

Be sure to pay attention in class- pay attention to your instructor's tone of voice and be aware of things that they repeat or emphasize, you will more than likely see what they emphasize on the exam. Try to record the lectures if you can.

when it comes to clinical, show up with a positive attitude and willingness to learn. Don't be a wallflower, there's always something to do and learn.

There are a multitude of things that you could do to be successful but the most important in my opinion are to a) be a sponge - soak up everything that you can b ) study hard

what specific questions do you have?

you might find threads such as this one of assistance:


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Good Luck on your journey!