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fundamentals of nursing


Hellllo =) I was just wondering what you learn in fundamentals of nursing class and what you do there. Is it hard? Maybe i should get started on studying? help. lol

yesdog, BSN, RN

Specializes in SICU.

You learn all of the basics of being an RN. It is the foundation of nursing. You learn about theory, ethics, making a bed, bathing a patient, inserting Foley's, taking vital signs, giving injections, assessing a patient, documentation, etc.

If you study hard in fundamentals and do well, it will be easier in your other classes. If you haven't started NS yet, be sure to enjoy yourself before school starts! Have fun and do all the things you enjoy, because you will be working very hard once school starts. I read some of the book before school started, but I don't think you really have to. Good luck!

wow thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. Thats sounds amazing and at the same time hard. Im alittle nervous and at the same time excited! Thank you and your right i will enjoy my summer before i start NS!

yesdog, BSN, RN

Specializes in SICU.

It's ok to be a little nervous. Being nervous will motivate you to study harder. Good luck and be sure to enjoy every bit of your summer!

Nepenthe Sea

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In lecture, we learned pretty much what the previous poster said: legal stuff, a little bit of history, ethics, safety, vitals, asepsis, hygiene, wound care, bowel and bladder elimination, oxygenation, activity, altered nutrition, culture and heritage, communication, spirituality, loss, grief and dying.

In lab, we learned : how to put on your PPE (gloves, gown, goggles, and masks), sterile gloving, ACE bandaging, elastic hosiery, bed baths, making an occupied bed, positioning and ROM (range of motion); nasogastric tube -insertion, gavage feedings, irrigation and suction, and removal; Foley cath insertion and removal; enemas; central line sterile dressing change; and how to put on a nasal cannula.

I really enjoyed it, and can hardly wait to learn more, and start clinicals, in the Fall!

This all sounds cool. I can't wait to start in the fall! :D

Hellllo =) I was just wondering what you learn in fundamentals of nursing class and what you do there. Is it hard? Maybe i should get started on studying? help. lol

Sanart, you should check out the syllabus posted on KBCC's Nursing Dept. website. It will give you all of the info you need for fundamentals, and it even lists the readings that we will be responsible for.

Good luck!

Nepenthe thank you! thats awesome. Lorba i was wondering if i should buy the books now from amazon to get it cheaper? what do you think?

I think that's a good idea. I'm going to do the same, but I'm just going to confirm with the nursing dept. to make sure that the syllabus is accurate and up to date. I'm going there on Monday to drop off the forms so I'll ask them then.

hi - I'm taking fundamentals right now and I love it! We are about halfway through, learning all the topics mentioned above. In my program, this class is where the exams start to become application/critical thinking types of tests. A lot of "choose the best response", "which statement made by the client indicates further instruction is needed," or "what would you do first" kinds of questions. We also have to take a HESI at the end of the semester.

Best of luck!

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