FSU's nursing program on probation?

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Has anyone else heard about this?


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Is the Generic

program in trouble?


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florida state's program is fine. you are confused with an earlier post regarding fayetteville state university in nc

fsu students left hanging by nursing program suspension

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fayetteville, n.c.-fayetteville state university's decision monday to suspend its bachelor's degree program in nursing has left some students in limbo.

the 4-year-old program has been plagued by students performing poorly on state nursing exams and has been on prob


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Actually, Florida State University is not accepting applications for their RN to BSN program right now. They are "restructuring" the program and as of now have not decided on when they will start classes again.

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To the best of my knowledge, the reason FSU is not taking apps for the RN-BSN program has a lot to do with the budget crisis the university's experiencing.

But their program is not on probation, to the best of my knowledge, and I can't see something like that going down in this town and every nurse around NOT knowing about it. :)

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