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I've been planning to attend Frontier school of midwifery this fall but every day there is some new article about midwives losing their jobs. I am not going into it for the money but I would like a job when I'm done. I posted on ACNM web site and the responses were not positive. CNMs all over the country are losing positions due to malpractice costs, low reimbursment, and politics. I'm currently a L&D nurse and the only areas that interest me are midwifery and WHNP. The posters on ACNM site advise going into FNP. I've done clinic nursing and that really doesn't interest me. Besides I thought FNP jobs were hard to find too. I think I'll just stick to my original plan and hope the pendulum swings like it often does in nursing. Any one have any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks for letting me vent.


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The pendulum always swings in everything related to healthcare. Also, is that cat eating the cocoa pebbles or sleeping in it?

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I think its cat food and it looks like it's asleep. I feel like that after night shift sometimes.

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I think that's just really unfortunate about CNM jobs disappearing. You can't really find any obstetricians who are committed to natural childbirth anymore, and I am not just talking about epidurals etc. Most of them see a fetal heart rate of 110 for about five seconds and then fall all over themselves trying to get to the OR for a section.


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I am in the same situation as you. I am a L&D nurse with a passion for the job. I want to be a midwife, but especially where I live, it is not possible right now. No one uses midwives... nurse midwives that have the training are working as WHNPs because no one will let them deliver babies right now. So, I am currently working on my WHNP with the hope that someday soon, things will change and I will be able to go get my midwifery certificate and live out my dream.

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