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Hey everyone,

I just need to let this out because I am completely frustrated. My fingerprints have been rejected by the Georgia board of Nursing two times, so I found out that they put a request for a name search to be done. Typically, Cogent and GA BON says it takes about 3 weeks to get the name check done (this week is my 3rd week) and the BON says it takes a week for them to post updated info on their website.

I am just so mad because I was suppose to start my job next week; I just relocated here from California and now may be stuck in a rut for a few weeks without any job.

Has anyone been through the name check process before, specifically in Georgia? Could you let me know how it turned out for you?



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I don't know about the BON but the BOE took me 4 months to complete checks, but they did allow me to start because of character references from people at the school that knew me. Seems like it should take days with the advent of computers!

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They don't do fingerprint checks in Australia (we get a federa police check done, & they may do f/print checks from that), but can't you call them and ask if u can do any other type of work, ie: like in a nursing home or something just to get you thru? Ring them and ask for a special request for your search to be sped up or something.

I'd be calling them and complaning quite frankly, and asking why everything is taking so long.



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Try doing the character references as stated prior, but you may just have to wait. But try to go that route, especially if the job does their own background check.. I moved back home to NYC after a stint in Washington state. I had originally planned to move to Northern Jersey and obtain employment there. I applied for licensure 5 months ahead of time. NJ took 7 months to process my fingerprints and kept losing paperwork; NYS processed mine in 4 weeks (I graduated from NYS so maybe that helps quick process for NY as well). I ended up moving to NY and getting a job in NY. Some states are just that slow. If you can work at another state nearby, try that. Georgia is not a a compact state, either.