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i'm frustrated.


I'm just frustrated. I've been a nurse for about 9 months now, working at the first place i ever wanted to work at... I wanted a job in psychiatric nursing, and got that job a month after i graduated. catch: i am a float nurse, working between 2 buildings, a behavioral health facility and a skilled nursing facility; i never work on the same ward. i am frustrated with my job. at the behavioral health facility, i manage 2 to 4 aides, and 40 to 42 residents, HEAVY med passes. At the SNF, 2 to 3 aides, and 30-32 residents, again HEAVY med passes. reasons that i am frustrated with my job: I feel that I am required to have more 1:1 with the computers than I am with the residents; d/t floating, there are so many residents that I don't know at all, which bothers me a LOT; I feel that my RNs do not give a crap about the things I need help/guidance with; I'm almost always short-staffed; I almost feel that all this place wants in a nurse is a warm body to wear a nametag that says "nurse". Is this normal? Is this what I should expect being an LPN? There aren't many jobs around here, though, and i feel that I should be thankful that I have what I have. I just have so much on my plate. I hope it gets better. I keep telling myself "stay. it's good experience. you're getting lots of experience. stay." I honestly don't know if I want to.

sorry to hear that you are so frustrated. though it may be easier said than done, stick with it and get that experience under your belt.