I am a senior in high school, who is very frustrated. I am research nursing school daily and find barely anything. I do not understand the how prereqs thing, I am just confused.

I want to attend a school with an ASN program.

If anyone who has attended any nursing school in the BR or NO area, please give me some advice.


Leann :madface:


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If your interested in Charity School of Nursing, you can email them at and request they send you their Information Bulletin. It does a pretty good job of explaining the prereqs, curriculum, application process, and admission requirements. It has much more information than they have on their website.

Debbie, the prereqs thing is usually more of a concern for an adult returning to a two- year program.

Did you take bio, chem, physics, and some higher math in HS? If you did, and your grades are high, you should not have a problem being accepted into a nursing program. If you can afford it, go straight for your BSN.

And find your school's guidance counselor - if she's not useless she'll have ways to help.

And good luck.



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Most schools in this area often do require you to complete pre-reqs before nursing courses- or acceptance to program (Charity). Some, you must already have a BSN to get in. Some you need to interview for. The waiting list for Charity is 1 year fronm the time that you turn in your application. LSU- you must apply in advance as well. Pre-reqs are the mandatory basic classes such as English 101, 102, and arts elective, humanities elective, 2 upper level math classes, biology and lab, anatomy 1 and 2 and both labs, microbiology....etc.... You would need tot check with the school that you have interest in to get clarification of their program. Not all schools do things the same way- and not all require the same courses...You will find that there are waiting lists to get into these programs -so you need to start now, and find out what you need for entrance.. I have always found them to be very helpful. You can go on the schools website and or call them and request a packet...

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