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Happy Nurse it sounds like you are solving your own changing your routine, by evaluating what you can do on your shift to make it go more smoothly. I wanna say as I read your post and others here that you are great nurses! How I know this is that you care, that you want to learn how best to handle those uncomfortable feelings that come with being new at something. The responsibility a nurse has are tremendous. We come out of school so educated on do's and don'ts. We learn what the ideal nursing situation should be. Then hellooo, we get on the floor and try to be aware of all those things we're taught. It's a heavy load, life and death always a part of our thoughts. But most important of the nurses venting here is the CARING, it's the ones who fluff off these feelings who should consider leaving the profession. If you weren't feeling unsure at this point in your career, then there would be a real problem. Make sure you pat yourself on the back after a tough day. Do something special for yourself. And know that any caring nurse ,no matter how many years she/he has been at it, knows how hard it is to start out. Making a mistake, or forgetting to add your I&O's are something that we all do at times. We are only human, though there are some nurses who would like to make you think otherwise. Find the ones who understand and can reassure you that these feelings are all part of the process of making an excellent nurse. Trust me time and doing will bring the comfort level. And realising you are not perfect, much as you would like to be. Have a great day!Kathleen

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