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Frustrated LVN in HHA

I have been working as a 'Clinical/Case Coordinator" since I graduated 3.5 yrs ago. So to speak, I know my A to Z and back with home health administrative work. It just gets frustrating that an unlicensed personnel can actually play politics and get away with making my work not just difficult but have the owner's decision overturned the next second. Is it because she's QAs and codes? Which determines how much the agency gets paid by Medicare?

I left and didn't want to bother talking my way into getting back my work inside the office. The QA person actually is the one doing what I was doing before... and may I repeat, she is unlicensed. I hate that surveyors walk into that office because for one, as a coder, she upcodes. As a coordinator, she is not licensed to be creating MD orders at all.

This person started her attitude with me when she probably felt that 'I KNEW WHAT" she was doing and I understand the discrepancies in her work. So she started playing politics and would talk to the owner and make it seem that I am not doing the right thing for the office.

Arrrgh! Oh well, that said, I sort of verbally told them in the office that 'I am and will be acting according to my nursing practice.' They were all dumbfounded or didn't understand what I said because they didn't say anything. Oh as a last hurrah, they are still holding my last paycheck but have not contacted me for it. Everyone has advised me to consult Labor about it but let me hold off on that for now. Anytime, they might get surveyed anyway so they can keep my last paycheck to help bail them out ;-)

Good luck getting that next home health job. At least it should feel good to have cleared the air, although you will pay the price as far as favorable references.

Thanks for your reply but what I posted is just the tip of the iceberg & if I mentioned more, it will surely give away my identity. Although I am not really concerned about that coz I said, I am acting according to my scope of practice. I'm not the one upcoding to get more money from medicare. Not that the owner knows anything about it but this QA personnel would just show the owner how much more the agency earns comparing it to 'another' code. Of course the owner wants a higher reimbursement not knowing the difference why it is so. Poor owner. I hope someone tells on the QA that the salary is being justified because QA personnel can code a higher payment. Oh well, I guess this is another way of looking at the saying, 'survival of the fittest?!'


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