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A response to a query of the Frontier Facebook page said "very very soon!" So maybe tomorrow?:) Here's hoping!

I also applied for CNEP121. And I've been constantly checking my email. I need news! This wait is killing me! I'm typically a patient person but considering I have to save money and schedule off from work... and the holidays, it all adds up to a very frantic me.

Hello! I've been following all the different FNU posts on this site for quite some time. The different posts have given me so much great information, so thanks to everyone! I am finally in the same shoes as many before me.....waiting to see if I'm in. :nailbiting: I applied for CNEP Class 121. I have been an OB nurse for 18 years. I recently received my BSN. My kids are grown, and the time seemed right to move forward in my career. Good Luck skiernurse & to everyone else that has applied. I hope we get good news soon.


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Anyone hear anything yet? I'm beyond anxious! Sending good luck to you all :)


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No news yet...I think I suffer a mild panic attack each time my email notification goes off! Lol


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I noticed the "very, very soon" on their reply to the question on when we would be notified also. I hope that means that we hear before the weekend! The last class actually went past the 6 week point, which for us is Monday. At least at this point, it really won't be long. Good luck everyone, hope we get to meet in person soon. :)

Do all the classes attend Frontier Bound together? I know it's the same days. Just wondering if I'll be meeting the FNP and WHCNP along with other CNEP students? I don't see why not since it's mostly an introduction in how to do online school, no? Shoot I should ask my friends who have gone through this program. We're all awaiting news for the same FB and I have no problem celebrating others' achievements. Just wondering if we'll get a chance to do a happy dance in person. lol

Arrgh, this is killing me. I just looked up the cost of airline tickets and they've gone up 300$ since last month. This SUCKS! First thing I'm doing as soon as I get word of acceptance is purchasing airline tickets. I should've done it last month. Cancelling would've cost 75$, much cheaper than 300$. :-(


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Accepted! See you all in December! Good luck!


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I'm in!! :)