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I am accepted to attend Anesthesia school at two respected institutions. While they differ in a few areas I am interested in people's feelings/ experiences regarding the following:

1. Front Loaded (Books 1st, Clinical Next) vs. Integrated (Clinical throughout)

2. Rotating Clinical Sites vs. Permanent Site

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Personally, I prefer integrated programs. There are probably strengths and weaknesses to each style of learning, but I learn by seeing and doing more so than just reading. In the end, it all works out the same.

I think rotating clinical sites give you the opportunity to see several different ways of providing anesthesia for similar cases. The more exposure you have to various techniques, the better. The program I will be attending is integrated and most of the clinicals are done out of 1 hospital but they also use 3 other hospitals for certain rotations.

More than number of clinical sites, I think it is important to have a lot of good clinical experiences such as line placement, regionals, trauma and even open hearts. IMO.


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i agree completely...i am in an integrated program and wouldn't have it anyother far as clinically...we biggie...i want to see all the differences out there so i am prepared...better than only knowing how one site does things


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intergrated=put knowledge to use right away.

rotating=learn the most you can from as many ppl as possible=most knowledge gained when you graduate.




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I was accepted to both types of programs and choose the front loaded. I could have been in the or rather quickly with the intergrated but i cant see ever really understanding the finer point of the phyisiololgy. For me I saw myself being worried about my relation ships with the surgeons and preceptors and all the other skillzy type things rather than gaing a core foundation of knowledge. sure it would be funner to be in the OR sooner. (but thats not the point) I felt like they just wanted to use me as slave labor and wern't as intrested in my knowledge. now that i am doing it i know that there is no way i could have leared all that i have unless I am studying it every day all day. its good for our profession for us to be creatures of knowledge rather than skill

my 2 bits


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I'm in a front loaded program and although I feel it's important to get the didatic down, I wouldn't mind seeing the inside of an OR from time to time.


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What did you decide??


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I am in a front loaded program and I love it. We start full time clinical in August and I feel like I will be very prepared for it. I wouldn't have it any other way myself!

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