From nursing school ---> being a nurse.


Does it actually get any better? I realize they say nursing school is hard..and that it will ALL be worth it in the end. However, I cannot imagine things getting "easier" once I'm practicing.

Does the anxiety/stress ever let up? Please, before you get personal...this is not just me. I have people in my class who are sick nonstop and having mini-nervous breakdowns. I have caught on to my stress and I am making efforts to cope/manage it effectively..however, I am human..and some things are just not as easy as that.

I love nursing..but I detest the politics that I am seeing..the constant stress..the paperwork (seriously???? if I wanted paperwork I would have taken a nice simple office job...graduated from HS and gotten myself a nice simple "office type" degree too). I have said that I want to be a nurse since I was a child. It is my "calling" and I DO have what it takes..but I'm wondering if I am allowing myself to be jaded.

No, I didn't get into nursing for the money, but I also always knew I wasn't going to major in something useless. I wanted to do something I was passionate about, but something that had a financial reward...and for everything I see nurses going through, it doesn't at ALL seem to be worth the starting 40-65k per year. I feel like I'm being lazy and running away from it all. I know I have what it takes, but I'm afraid to be miserable forever. Not because of myself, but because of the "system" of it all.

Thanks for letting me vent.


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Okay. It's not all in your head. I've done this for 19 years and I think each year gets a little harder.

1)I'm getting older. I hit 40 and my body kinda went to hell.

2)Less respect from admin. Back in the day hospitals were basically run by nurses, now they're run by business degree types who really don't understand.

3)A change towards the "customer service" model, instigated by the clueless business degree people. A huge mistake, because it messes with my internal mission statement - a spiritual duty to provide my patients with my best possible care, even at my own expense. I'm taking care of people who can't take care of themselves. I'm not a customer service rep.

4)Yes, the paperwork is getting worse. Now we have to go back and chart when infusions are completed or medicare doesn't pay. Why? Who cares what exact moment the med infused? Yet it's ONE MORE THING I have to document.

5)Admin's expectations. Back when I started, if we were overworked, it was understood that not every single thing was going to get done. Now, you get called on the carpet for every stupid thing. Meanwhile, admin. gets away with not returning phone calls because they're soooooo buuuuusy. I'd like to use that excuse - "sorry, can't do that dressing change! just too busy!"

My advice is to you is to keep in mind that all hospital jobs suck but some of them suck less. Some units have better management, some are better staffed, some have better comraderie, some are more flexible with scheduling. Don't be afraid to float, if nothing else to test the waters in another area. Don't be afraid to transfer and change jobs. Have you noticed that the meanest, craziest nurses are the ones who've been there for years and years?

Good luck to you. Just remember why you got into this and you'll be fine.