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Hey all,

I have been in computers for 10 years now and I am thinking of making the change to nursing would it be smart to get STNA work some places that pays for college then work my way thru college ? Or should I just go straight into college keep working in the field I am in and get it that way ? What would be a good path to take ?



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Hi Mike! Welcome to the board! :)

I'm a second career nursing student right now & it totally depends on what you want to do. I'm going to Sinclair Community College in Dayton and the tuition there is really affordable. I work during the day & go to school evenings (twice a week). CNA training is required at my school for the nursing program, so I am currently going through that as well. I most likely will not work as a nursing assistant though, just a personal choice there. Some folks I know at school have or are going to work as CNA's and some of them did find facilities to pay for their schooling (usually with the requirement that they work for that facility for a year or two after graduating). CNA (or STNA) pay rates may be considerably lower than what you're making now, so you may want to stick with the computing for now. But that's all up to you!

Good luck! :)

many factors needed to know to decide it is a matter of income - but if you get into the right place, stna is probably the route to go. getting the experience to know if this is what you want to do for sure - then submit for scholarships or loans could happen after you prove your self (time and attendance) and all that.

good luck!:nurse:

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