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I am a marketing professional looking to go back to school for nursing. Until then, are there any suggested positions I can apply for which would make use of my business background and help transition into the healthcare field?

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I have a business degree and while I was in the middle of transitioning I worked in a Dr.'s office. But eventually I got my CNA and currently work as a CNA until I get my nursing license. Yes I have cut my pay down by a third, but I believe this is the best experience possible while attending nursing school, I also enjoy it so much more than what I was doing before. :yeah:

I can't really answer your question right now, but I would say please evaluate your reasons for wanting to enter the nsg profession. Know what you're getting yourself into.

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It actually works better the other way around, having a nursing degree than getting into business but having a business background and wanting to use that to transition into the healthcare field until you're finished with nursing school -I would say the jobs are few if any, that I can think up at this time.

I think you really need to know what the nursing profession is all about and I would suggest working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) first before considering nursing as your career choice.

Something to think about.

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