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Freshman Anxiety

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I'm an eighteen-year-old freshman in a 4 year BSN program at a university in Chicago. This is my first year of college and needless to say it's very exciting and I'm having the time of my life. Although I'm enjoying myself in the city, I don't let that get in the way of my grades, because the nursing program here is prestigious and difficult to get into. Im taking basic freshman pre-req's for the nursing college and Im getting all A's. Except for Chemistry...

I took Chem my sophomore year and got a C in the end (awful teacher, awful experiences) but was genuinely interested in the subject matter. I take it here and it was difficult to get adjusted to the work load I had to do and ended up getting a 65% on my first exam (granted the class average was 63%). I've talked to the professor and he is stern on his beliefs and not willing to help out. I've joined study groups and do a lot of extra work. Hopefully I will end up with a B by the end of the semester. It will not be easy.

I was wondering how critical it is to have a good grade in chemistry, or any other classes for that matter, to get into any nursing school. Or do grades not matter at all? Do I just need to know the right people?

I would like advice from anyone who's listening out there!

Thank you!

Well since you are in Chicago, I am sure it's more who you know. But for those of us in less "connected" cities grades matter a great deal. Chem is one of the four science courses for most schools, and is looked at a little more than your other pre reqs. That being said a B won't kill you as long as you get those A's in A&P (the two most important courses) and Micro. If you get 1 B and 3 A's you'll have a 3.75 in the sciences, and if that's your only B you'll have a 3.95ish, so don't sweat those "connections" just yet.