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Ok so i just passed my NCLEX PN on tuesday i got my results today! WAHOOOOO but a problem.... i cant seem to find anywhere that wants to hire brand new lpn's...... everyone wants experience and how in the world am i supposed to gain that experience if no one wants to hire brand new grads? In my head that makes sense? Should i fudge a little on my applications, and tell them i have some sort of experience or no? I do not want to mislead anyone especially a potencial employer but im eager and ready to get out there and get dirty...... I currently live in the Norman, Oklahoma area and im not really wanting to drive with all that traffic into OKC i dont know what to do.... if anyone has any suggestions please let mek now because im now getting frustrated ive been looking for lpn jobs for over a month now bc i knew it would take a while...... any suggestions at all will be GREATLY appreciated!!!! Thanks for listening to me and hope someone can help!!!

First of all, CONGRATS on your licensing!!!!! I also passed on Tuesday and licensed on Wed. here in PA. Small world huh?

I would highly recommend not fudging anything. Do you want to jeopardize your credibility and integrity with a move like that? I think that may set you up for future dishonest actions.

Every nurse has been where you are. Keep applying, even for the jobs that require experience. Sell yourself.

I started work on Thursday in a private duty position and was chosen over several people with a lot of experience 4 weeks prior to my NCLEX date. Its all in how you present yourself and your confidence. And right now, you should be feeling pretty good about yourself!!!!!

Good luck and stay honest. Karma is a b*tch.

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"Fudging" is called misrepresentation in the work world and you can be fired for it. Do you think they won't check your references? Do you want to walk into a job where they are now expecting you to actually know something and you don't? How will you fudge doing an NG tube or cath-ing a 90 year old man? Do you really want to face that untried?

As I tell everyone in your position try a nursing home. It's a great way to gain experience especially for an LPN.. I just graduated in January got a job in April am making good money and love my job. Tell the truth and they will give you extra orientation.

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