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Fresh out of Highschool and confused!

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So I graduated high school just yesterday, and I wanna become an Rn, but I don't have anybody to help me along the way and would like to know anybody who's attended LA Trade Tech, because that's where I plan to attend, I could use allot of help knowing what classes I should take (pre-requisite) in order to get in the program, or maybe a basic layout of "check lists" to follow, I'm not the brightest but I do want a career in this, that's why I come here for help, thank you. (Yes I have checked on their website, but it doesn't help much, a personal review is much easier) thank you again.

Your best bet is to set up an appointment an advisor.

Exactly as the poster above said, talk to an advisor! Personal experiences can ease nerves, be interesting, and help you know what to expect from a certain college :) However, pre-requisites and requirements can change every year! Now that you're out of high school the only person who is going to make sure you're successful is YOU :) Call up that advisor, start those pre-reqs, volunteer at a hospital, or read AllNurses for a few days. Make sure you research the job market for nurses in your area (There is no "shortage" of nurses- In California, there is a SURPLUS). Do your research and take some initiative! I'm here if you have questions. Good luck! :)

Talk to an advisor, but at any rate, you are going to have to take the placement exams for English and math. Do that first. Then start with your gen ed courses that are a must for the degree, no matter what your major. Get these out of the way early. Freshman English is Freshman English (English 101), once you take it, you need never worry about it again. Soon, start your specific nursing prerequisite courses. Be aware that prerequisites in some instances have prerequisites. Usually you start with chemistry and biology. Biology 3 is a prerequisite to anatomy. Then anatomy, then physiology. Then microbiology. Do these science nursing school prequisites as late as possible in your planning because they have an expiration date on them (usually 5 years). Then any other prerequisites, such as psychology. Look at the school of nursing website for specifics. At the point where you have finished your prerequisites, will be time to apply to nursing school. Be mindful all the time of other activities to make yourself competitive, such as a CNA certificate, paid work experience as a CNA or in another allied health field, volunteering, etc. Look at the website to see what you need to do. You are responsible for knowing what the path is (sometimes the general school advisors are not too knowledgeable about nursing school specifics). You can take the math and English placement tests any time after you apply for admission to the school. Get started now. Good luck.

Just glanced at the LATTC website. Noticed that this school has no expiration date on science courses. Also, you will need to take the TEAS exam as part of your admission to nursing school. Read everything you can find online, including threads on this site about the TEAS test, so that you are well-prepared. You don't have chemistry as a prerequisite and anatomy and physiology are combined into one 8 credit course, but biology 3 is still a prerequisite to this combined version. Additionally, developmental psych is another prerequisite. Not much else to say, except to take one hurdle at a time.