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I am working on a culture assessment paper and would appreciate it if someone could answer some questions for me regarding the French culture. I don't mean to offend anyone but I really don't have a clue if the culture is much different from the American culture.

1) Are there any special rites or blessings for those with a serious or terminal illness?

2) What are the attitudes, values, beliefs about specific life events such as marriage, birth, aging and death?

3) Afterlife beliefs, burial and funeral preferences?

4) What are the expected roles of family members (father, mother, grandparents)?

5) Is there a religious healing system predominately practiced?

6) How do you define health and maintain health?

7) How do you define illness and what do you feel is the root cause of illness and disease?

8) How are you expected to act when your ill (bed ridden, stoic, etc.)?

9) Who makes the health related decisions in the family?

Thank you to anyone that can help me with any of these questions.

France? I think whatever cultural differences you will find are going to be derived from religion, not because someone is French in Nationality. Most people in France are either Catholic, Secular (atheist) or Muslim (often of Algerian origin). If I were you I'd look into those three and answer the questions based on that - what are the practices/beliefs for Catholics, Muslims, and Atheists.

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