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Implementing a Standardized Nursing Language within an EMR

January 14th, 2009 at 2pm ET

On any given day, nurses might communicate and document patient plans of care in many ways. They find common ground among themselves, patients and other clinicians, but when it comes to clinical information systems, these individual interpretations create an Information Age Tower of Babel. Fortunately, there are translators-standardized languages like the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) and the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC). And increasingly, there's a perfect place for them--the EMR. In this web seminar, the leading healthcare provider in mid-Michigan discusses its successful deployment of NIC and NOC within Sunrise Clinical Manager™.

Genesys Regional Medical Center (GRMC), details its implementation of standardized nursing languages within an electronic medical record system (EMR) from Eclipsys. From enabling evidence-based nursing and improved outcomes to objectifying and validating nursing's value to the care equation, GRMC explains the importance of deploying standardized nursing terminology, the even greater importance of doing so within an EMR and keys to a successful implementation. Attendees of this complimentary web seminar will:

Recognize the value of a standardized nursing language and its contribution to improved outcomes

Understand the importance of implementing a standardized nursing language within an EMR and how to evaluate an EMR's suitability for it

Describe key issues, opportunities and challenges in implementing a standardized nursing language within an EMR

Bring your organization's specific questions to take advantage of GRMC's experiences and successes during the live Q & A session.

Featured Speakers

Sue Hendrix, RN, BSN, BC, Senior Business Analyst, Genesys Regional Medical Center

Russell Dumas, Vice President, Hospital Clinical Solutions, Eclipsys Corporatio

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