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Free Webcast Feb 3rd


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This looks good, I've registered and I thought I'd share. Enjoy!

Complimentary Live Webcast

Addressing Transformation to Enable Technology Adoption

About Healthcare Informatics' Webinar

As hospitals strive to meet or exceed patient safety goals and improve their provider-to-provider communications, they look to technology as an answer. For many hospitals, technology not only fails to address their patient safety concerns, it also creates inefficient workflow and facilitates ineffective means of communication. Moreover, technology implementations - such as CPOE, nursing & physician documentation, and evidence-based medicine - layer complex technologies on top of potentially antiquated clinical practices that should be carefully examined before implementation work begins.

Technology implementations prove challenging for many organizations due to the complexity of the business problems they are trying to solve and the integration of various technological solutions. This is further complicated by the fact that the mere implementation of advanced clinical systems is not a panacea for the underlying business issues which are the impetus for undertaking such initiatives. Not only is clinical technology not an answer for business issues, in many, failing to properly address workflow causes even greater problems that need to be solved. By failing to address the business drivers and workflow, it will jeopardize how technology is utilized and create dissatisfaction among end-users.

This presentation will address the conditions necessitating further examination of workflow, practice standards and patient safety mandates to promote the implementation of CPOE, nursing & physician documentation, and evidence-based medicine solutions, and create an environment of adoption that ultimately leads to true transformation.

Some of the examples that will be shared surround order management techniques, identifying key information requirements for technology use, and specific tactics that create an environment of adoption.

Learning Objectives

Describe how current financial conditions are creating a need for clinical transformation

Provide a description of the patient safety drivers that impact clinical workflow and the process that supports implementation of clinical technology such as CPOE, nursing & physician documentation, and evidence-based medicine

Examine areas where practice standards can be addressed to support clinical transformation initiatives

Explain the steps of how to take action that deliberately accelerates adoption of CPOE, nursing & physician documentation, and evidence-based medicine

About the Speaker

Denise Hammel-Jones, RN, MSN, BC

Clinical Management Consultant

Greencastle Associates Consulting

Ms. Jones is an informatics professional, with experience in CPOE, EMR, practice management, eMAR, clinical documentation implementations as well as nursing minimum data sets and outcome measures. Prior to her career in consulting, Ms. Jones worked as a clinical applications and project manager for large healthcare organizations. The experience with working on numerous CPOE projects has positioned Ms. Jones to provide clinical expertise and guidance for Greencastle Consulting's recent CPOE project at Atlantic Health. A nurse for over 16 years, Ms. Jones began her career in critical care nursing at the University of Pennsylvania Health System


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