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FRCC Spring 2018

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Hey there! I am a long time lurker. Just curious if anyone else has applied to the FRCC Larimer program for the Spring 2018 cohort. I have been checking my email 100 times a day. Maybe we can post when we get our acceptance emails. Good luck everyone! ������������

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I applied too! I'm more worried I didn't complete my application properly.. haha Good luck to you as well!

Me too! I'm so nervous! Good luck to you! :)

Hey, I am also waiting to hear about Spring 2018 admission, check in my email constantly. Have either of you heard anything?!

I haven't yet. I hope we hear soon! Best of luck ladies!

I just heard back, I was accepted! Hope you all were as well

I just heard back! I couldn't contain my excitement!

Me too! Congratulations you guys! :)

Congrats to both of you!

Question, do either of you ladies plan to work during school? I currently work a part time morning job which probably won't work with the school schedule. I'm wondering what kind of jobs are nursing school friendly?


I expect I'll be meeting both of you at boot camp!

I work overnights as a QMAP caregiver in an AL facility. I usually have time to study and do homework during my shift. At the very least I'm able to watch educational YouTube videos while I'm doing my housekeeping tasks, and it really helps me understand the material.

I was going to drop down to PRN Saturday overnights only on January 1 so I can get my toddler on a better schedule because he's going to have to go to day care in the morning when we start. I can always pick up other shifts if I want to.

I also do taxes during tax season, but I'll probably only do that 4-6 hrs/week.

I'm looking forward to meeting you guys! :)

P.S. I live in Longmont, near Firestone. Does anyone live close by?

Thanks for the imput! I may look into overnight pcp I don't have any licenses but was hoping to find something that'll pay what I get now, which is $14 and it is slim pickings!

Sounds like you are a busy lady with school, a child and working! It's too bad they took down the longmont nursing program. I live in Fort Collins so luckily I have no commute

Yeah. The commute kinda sucks, but I'm hoping I can listen to lectures during my drive to make the most of my time. My QMAP license was $55. I don't know what they are now. I get paid $25/night to be on-call and $11.25/hr so it works out to about $14/hr. At least we can get our CNA license after 1st semester. It would be nice to have it under my belt so it's not all new, but I really didn't want to pay $900 when I can get it for free after we finish our first semester. I'm sure you will find something that works with your schedule. :)

I didn't know we can become a CNA after a semester! This is all very helpful! Thanks a bunch :) I knew you can become an LPN after two semesters which I plan on doing so I can get some experience. There's a good few months before our classes start so I'm sure I will find something!

Lol. I didn't know we could be a LPN after 2nd semester. That's awesome!! :)

Do we have to take NUR169? It says on the website that it's required to sit for the PN NCLEX.

Did you guys get your schedule and list of supplies yet? I figured we'd have it by now, but I haven't heard anything yet. :(

Sorry I don't come on this website too often. Yeah unfortunately to be an LPN is an extra class. I just heard back! So I hope you have too :) I was getting a little anxious as well, thought they would send out this info sooner. You should have also gotten a packet in the mail that talked about vaccines, background check, CPR etc a month or two ago!

With uniforms, supplies, and books it is quite costly! No one seems to be selling their old uniforms or textbooks either :(

Hey guys! I got accepted into the FRCC Fall 2018 cohort! Just a couple questions ... how much did you guys spend on scrubs and how many pairs did you buy? Also are you allowed to wear a Fitbit or Apple Watch or just normal watch only? Also, how are you guys liking it? :) thanks!